Connecting my B&W 805 speakers to sonos system.

  • 26 February 2017
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I'm looking to add my B&W 805 speakers to my Sonos system. Currently I have a sonos connect and a independent Rotel power amp which I used to use to power the speakers from my old non sonos system. #1) Do I need the Rotel power amp to power my BW speakers or can I go from Sonos Connect direct to my B&W speakers. Thanks..

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8 replies

CONNECT outputs at line level, so you need an external power amp to drive the 805s. Just use the Rotel.

(CONNECT:AMP contains power amps and can drive passive speakers directly.)
Just be sure that you don't have the Connect in fixed output mode before powering up the Rotel! Variable output, with the volume level below 50% is a good place to start things.
Ratty: Thanks for the reply: When I run Connect RCA out puts into my Rotel I'm not getting anything. I test the Rotel to the speakers signal path and it seems ok. I'm making the assumption nothing is coming out of the Connect through the outputs. Is the audio out through the Connect outputs a fixed signal? Or does it have to be set up in some way... AND... if it eventually works I guess the volume is controlled through the Connect (Sonos softwae) since the AMP has no volume control. THanks for your help!
No set up needed, except choosing variable mode - for volume levels - for the Connect because fixed mode will probably cause speaker damage! Are you seeing the Connect on the controller app and are you able to see the track playing with the volume control slider moving? Is the Connect muted?
Kumar: thank you, this makes total sense. How do I change the variable level setting of the Connect. When I follow the direction I can change it for my Sonos speakers (ie. Sound Bar) but don't see Connect and component to set.
Are you not seeing Connect at all in the Controller app? If you are, clicking Sonos>Preferences ought to let you access the Fixed/Variable output for the setting on the Connect under Room settings. Choose Variable output and only then apply power to the Rotel.
If you aren't seeing Connect in the Controller app, it isn't being recognised by your set up.
ahhh that was the problem. I just moved to a new apartment and it the connect needed to be reset. Thanks !
Excellent; that sounds like the perfect audio set up with no unnecessary kit, short signal paths and an up to date front end! And Rotel amps are keepers.