Connecting Marantz NR1605 to Sonos Connect

  • 30 October 2016
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I have the Marantz NR 1605 and just got a Sonos Connect so I can stream through the surround sound speakers. I have tried using the Analog Out from the Connect into the CD analog slot. I have also connected the Digital Audio cable from the Connect to the Marantz. I have configured the Marantz (I think) so that the the Digital Audio is for the "CD" and also have the Analog 3 for the CD (which is supposed to be the default). Nothing seems to be working.

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5 replies

Make sure the volume on the Connect is set to fixed. Otherwise, the dueling volumes can make the output too low. Also, make sure you aren't using the line in connection. It's easy to mis up the analog ins and outs.
Success!!! Changing the volume on the Connect to fixed worked. THANKS!! (Had the Analogs correct as I had seen other warnings about that.)
Good for you. Couple of points though:
1. I can't understand why you need to run two sets of cables; wiring just the first, from analog out of the Connect ought to be all it takes.
2. In fixed mode, you cannot control volume remotely from the Sonos app/controller. But if fixed mode works, so should variable mode that will return that feature to you. Just do the one time experiment to see what the Marantz volume needs to be set at, such that the volume control slider on the Sonos app gives you the range of volume levels that you need. Once that is done, volume control changes can be made remotely, leaving the volume levels of the Marantz undisturbed.
Is it possible to connect SONOS SUB Wireless Subwoofer to a Marantz SR7011 9.2 Channel?
Is it possible to connect SONOS SUB Wireless Subwoofer to a Marantz SR7011 9.2 Channel?
No, not at all. Sonos SUB can only be bonded with Sonos players.