CONNECT / ZP90 mystery brown supply voltage lead

  • 6 January 2017
  • 5 replies

Hello Fellow Sonos users!!!

Just bought mine CONNECT used and had a thought that would use separate voltage supply that is free of all interferences and also would keep the unit cooler. Well, I measured all voltage leads and one is full of nothing, black is ground, red is 3.3V, yellow is 15V and brown is full zero and nothing seems to switch it on, tried using pre-out with max volume, coax out, ethernet connectors and wlan and still brown keeps silent. Would some one know what it should have or is it used on somekind of monitoring or transformer switching?🆒

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5 replies

From this thread you would understand that ZP90 requires only 15V and 3.3V?

I already have both voltages waiting just under CONNECT's box, inside of benchmark media DAC1 USB and it's run's also tranformer free also removed elsewhere

BTW, what are audio in jacks for, how can you even select them or are they for use with bridge or some else sonos product?
connected jumper cables for all poles including mute brown..... question popup, what kind of wifi-card is this weird standard, never seen this before
Tried to use ZP90 without brown mystery lead, it must have something to do with WLAN because if you have it and cut the brown or do not have it and try to establish it, you cannot, brown lead have to be connected. I measured what goes on in the brown lead, if cut and measured after brake against ground, voltage is 17V. I measured without break, voltage is 200mV and scope looks like that. If I supply brown from adjustable power source, it takes a lot of current if given. Oscilloscope is set to 10mV and 1µs /DIV.

So, what is it that weird brown lead, seemes totally useless but does not work correctly without it?
I hope the brown lead is tied to WLAN circuitry because now I have disabled it via command line, now CONNECT runs much cooler and one more interference factor is eliminated.

To be updated soon......
No joy, when I disconnected brown supply lead CONNECT just quits working, it does make connection via LAN-wire but it do not show up on any config UI:s, all I managed to do was full reset and config it for the hundreth time, so I quess it can't live without this mystery delta shaped voltage low control voltage.