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  • 21 July 2016
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I have just purchased the Connect so I can get away from AirPlay-(interruptions with phone calls and things). I have hooked my connect up with the supplied RCA connectors- I will be getting an optical cable soon. The trouble is with the volume. While using AirPlay, I have to keep the Receiver(Sony STR-DN1030) volume at below 7 so it is not too loud. After hooking up the Connect, I have to start the volume near half-way just to hear it. I have changed the connect to "fixed" level and this helped a bit, but it is still way quieter than the level of any other source. My concern is that the receiver does not default to a low level and if anybody goes to AirPlay and I don't catch it and lower the volume first it could be an issue. Is there a way to get the Connect to a level that is at least a lot closer to every other source input? This might be the deal breaker. I had to convince my wife that it was worth the purchase in the first place, but as of now, I have been proven wrong. Frustrated.

* Main reason for purchase was the ease of connectivity and control from the iPad or phone without interruptions. Not the case if I need to switch between sources and actually go to the room with the receiver to make the change in volume first.


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7 replies

I'm struggling to get a clear picture of whether you are using the Connect's output into the receiver, or the line in on the Connect. Please would you confirm? You haven't attached the Connect to the receiver's phono input have you?
Yes, out from connect to in of receiver. Not using phono.
I'm surprised there is such a difference in the levels and can't think of any other settings you could change. The supplied cables aren't that good but I can't see it affecting volumes like that. What are your sources of music through the Connect? Have you tried switching inputs, just for purposes of elimination?

What purposes are you still using Airplay for?
Mostly using Pandora and some streaming radio stations right now. I've ordered an optical cable to try that, tried 3 different inputs all with the same outcome. It's almost like its playing "muted".

More or less allowing guests use of AirPlay. Plus, at this point the listening level on AirPlay is more enjoyable than the low level of the connect.
A few further thoughts:

1. I have no issues of low volume from my Connect - this is not a generic issue so don't give up on it.

2. Don't pay too much attention to position on the volume scale on the Sonos app. These things can be calibrated in many ways and half way doesn't mean half volume.

3 Perhaps see how the digital cable goes, but no harm in submitting a diagnostic while the Connect is playimg and posting the ref no. back here. A faulty unit can't be ruled out.
A faulty unit, most likely. Connect puts out signal voltages close enough to most CDPs and DACs for it not to be audibly lower in volume when used in fixed output mode. And variable output mode with volume on Connect at 100% is identical to fixed output mode.

Using the same source into the same amp+speakers, Airplay and Connect should deliver very similar sound levels. I doubt that cables are faulty, but using the digital cable should allow for that to be ruled in/out.
I'm having this same issue. The line out of the Connect is way below that of my other devices (DVD, Roku, U-verse). Receiver (Onkyo TX-NR757) is normally at 50.0 for listening to sources and the Connect I need to turn up to 70.0-75.0 to match the volume output of the Play:1 or Connect:Amp.

There should be a Line Out Level Adjustment so we can match other devices! If someone switches devices at that level you get blown away.

For the money the Connect is providing VERY LITTLE value. 😠