Connect (Not Connect Amp) with local speakers out of sync with rest of Sonus network..

I have ready various posts about compressed/uncompressed usage of the Sonus and I think I have a different problem. The issue that I have is that I have a Connect (not Connect Amp) attached to my Sonus system (through LAN cable into Wi-Fi router) to feed an external music source into Sonus (happens to be Airplay) and the sound is out of sync as the local speakers connected to the Connect fire first and then the rest of the Sonus speakers are delayed a slight bit resulting in an out of sync sound system.

I have tried compressed/uncompressed and the issue that I am having is not the normal sync issue that most post about. What I would like is some way to delay the local audio out in the Connect itself so that it can sync up with the inherent delay in the Sonus network. My sense is that the line in on the Connect is immediately feeding into the amplifier on the output audio ports -- much faster path than the rest of the meshed network. I am using Digital Coax output on the connect. The ideal would be some sort of delay 'slider' in the App for the Connect that would allow for the internal audio to be adjusted (delayed) out in time to provide closer sync to the rest of the Sonus network.

Any clues/suggestions?

I have thought to look for some sort of externally mounted 'delay' device, but this starts to get a bit convoluted/Rub Goldberg-ish in my mind...

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Agree entirely with @ratty.. The OP was either misdescribing his setup or suffering from a rare but known hardware fault. There must be thousands of users doing what the OP said he was doing, with perfect sync. I have done so myself.

@ricdaw. Your theory is nonsense not least because it tries to explain a problem that doesn't actually exist.