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  • 6 October 2017
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I already have a record deck connected to my connect amp.
Can I also connect a CD player and still choose between devices via the software?

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13 replies

No (but there are workarounds).

No, connect and connect:amp have a single line in. You could use a (pre) amplifier to select an analog source and connect the line-out or tape record out of that amplifier to your Connect. If that amplifier is software controlled then you can select the input from a remote location. It will however not be integrated in the Sonos app.

Another way would be to add another Sonos device with a line in (Connect, Connect amp, or Play:5), and connect your CD player to that device, that makes you can choose which line in to use from the Sonos app.

In both ways you can connect multiple analog devices to the line in of your Connect amp. If you stay with a single line in device, you should however ask yourself how useful a software line in choice will be: you have to put a CD in the CD player and press play so you are already near the Connect amp. How much extra effort would it take to select the CD player on the (pre) amplifier?

Thanks v helpful.
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Something like this $13 RCA multi-switch can get you going, just ignore the video ports.

Spend a bit more and you can probably find one with an IR controller to switch ports.
Stanley, i tried this but it does not seem to be recognizing sources from the RCA switch. I have tried playing a cd and music from my phone through the switch and nothing is being recognized. Perhaps its a bad rca switch? Panlong 4 port.
UPDATE - Stanley, I was an idiot again, the problem was a loose RCA connection. Once I tightened this up, all worked well!
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Great, hope it works for you.

Just wanted to add my experience here because I did some research before trying my solution, so others might want to have a go at this too : )

I have a single line-in on my sonos system, which I´ve been using with a cd player up until now.

We are adding a record deck with a built in pre-amp, and I wanted to connect this as well, hopefully with as little switching etc as possible, the wife hates any complexity.  We are not audio nerds so happy to have vinyl playing through a digital system, the benefits of sonos more than compensate for this.

My solution was to add a small mixer which i picked up for about $50, the Behringer Xenyx 502.

It works really well… the cd player and the record deck are both live at the same time… if both playing they the music overlaps, easy enough for the user to work out what is going on and stop one of them playing.   Starting to play something on either device automatically switches in the line-in on the sonos, away from any streaming or radio that might be playing.  No manual switching required, which I love.

The bonus was that by connecting a microphone the kids are also happy, karaoke fun!

Put the whole lot on a 1-4 hour timer switch, so that its only powered up when people are using it, eg. not overnight etc. 

How did you wire it up?I’m news to this and just bought the Behringer mixer.

How did you wire it up?I’m news to this and just bought the Behringer mixer.

CD player and record deck (with built in preamp), are inputs, then output goes to line-in on the sonos.  Then play with the levels until the inputs have about the same volume as streaming does, then hide it all away : )   The only bit visible is the 1-4 hour timer switch, the wife can handle that but she wouldn’t want to see the behringer :smile:   i love how it all powers down when we’re sleeping or out of the house.

Oh,I thought I had to use the phono line in plus, but it is the Jack line ins?!Must get the adapters.Thank you for the Quick answer


Really helpful information.  Just want to confirm something that I think I read above - I have a minidisc player that I am connecting to my Play 5 via its Line in.  I have a second Play 5 and I am about to purchase a turntable for vinyl.  I’m wondering if I connect the turntable with preamp to the Line in on the second Play 5, will these show up separately on the Sonos app so that I can choose between them?  I asked this of Sonos technical support today and they said that I could label the 2 Line in connections to distinguish them, but I just wanted to confirm that that’s correct.  Thank you.

It is correct. Each Line-In shows up separately.

Perfect. Thanks jgatie. Appreciate you answering so quickly!