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  • 27 April 2017
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Hey guys, I got a Bose solo sounds bar which had an optical port. Would I be able to incorporate that info the sonos system with the aid of a connect with out an amp since it is powered itself?

Please dumb down any replies into shapes colors and single syllable words. There is a reason I use Sonos for its simplicity!

Thanks Guys!

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7 replies

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also to be clear, i want it for music not for tv sound. I have a play 5 and and a pair of 1's and just want to add the bose instead of buying another speaker for that area.
I don't see any reason why you wouldn't be able to use the optical out on a Connect to run to your Bose Solo Sounds bar.

Wow, poor English on my part. Too many negatives in that sentence.

Yes, that would work.

Remember, it only goes from the Connect to the Bose, and not the other way.
Yes. CONNECT is for driving an amp plus speakers, or active speakers such as your Bose bar. Just hook it up via digital or analog.
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So I just noticed that I use the optical port for the TV(though it was HDMI), but it does have aux red/white. Im assuming that will work the same?

I also have a pair of outdoor speakers that were wired when i bought my house but dont an amp, so if I get the Sonos amp I can run those, plus the Bose(red/white) and another pair of wired speakers? Am I close here?

And thanks for the time!
Not the Bose with the Connect:Amp. There is no output on the Connect:Amp that you could run to the Bose. You can drive two pairs of passive speakers with a Connect:Amp but you have to be careful with the impedences. Two pairs of 8 ohm is OK.

The RCA connection on the C:A is an input not an output.
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Badge more try? If i get a CONNECT, can I connect the Bose and a small amp to wire the outdoors speakers to?

Analog to Bose and analog to Amp w/wired speakers?
Well you only have one RCA out from the Connect, so if you want it to go to two places you would need some sort of RCA splitter. This device might be suitable, but I have never done this so you would need to do your own research: