Connect amp to a 4 way speaker splitter amp? Is this possible.?

  • 15 April 2014
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Can I connect a SONOS CONNECT:AMP Wireless Streaming Music System with Amplifier for Speakers (ZonePlayer120) to a 4way amp splitter to allow me to send music to my ceiling mounted speakers

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5 replies

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Hello Craig,

The CONNECT:AMP has speaker outputs to use with your ceiling mounted speakers, but it acts as an amplifier. If you're looking to play the Sonos sources into your existing setup, you'll want to use a CONNECT not the CONNECT:AMP. The CONNECT has Analog RCA, Optical, and Coaxial outputs to power an existing setup.

The CONNECT:AMP can power 2 pairs of 8 ohm speakers or one pair of 4 ohms. You could wire your speakers directly to the CONNECT:AMP, or if you want to be able to control multiple rooms separately, use multiple CONNECT:AMPs.

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Hi Ryan S

I am trying to create a loop between an Amplifer and a Sonos Connect (using tape in and tape out) so I can send Sonos streaming music to the amp and a pair of passive speakers at the same time as the Sonos wireless speakers. And vice versa run a phono and an Apple Airport Express into the amp and push either of those sources to the passive speakers and the Sonos network simultaneously.

Will this work?
Yes, it will. But there may be a small delay in the sound from the Sonos speakers compared to the passive speakers when they are playing music streamed to them from the amp via the Connect. In the same room it will cause a distracting echo, but may not be an issue if the speakers are in different rooms.
All will be in sync when music from the Connect is the source to all speakers, as long as your amp is not an AVR but a stereo amp.
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Thanks Kumar, how do I tell the system whether it should be playing music from the record player or the connect. How do I switch between sources? I'd imagine there must be some kind of switch that is needed to direct the flow either one way or the other? how will the whole system know whether it is meant to taking the playing the music from TT, the airport express or the connect?
Your amp must have switches of some kind to select which source to pipe to the speakers wired to it as well as to the Tape out. Which switches will also include selection of Tape In as the input.