• 22 December 2016
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I own many Sonos speakers and would like to maintain my Sonos ecosystem, but instead of spending nearly $1,000 for the 2nd Gen PLAY:5s I plan to buy high-quality Dynaudio Emit M20 speakers for the same price because the sound is superior.

Can the Connect:AMP power the M20s? Anyone have experience with similar speakers?


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3 replies

The Connect Amp does 55 wpc into 8 ohms and 110 wpc into 4. Dynaudio have a reputation of being power hungry, so you want to be sure that this power delivery is adequate.

It might be useful to revisit the assumption that they deliver a better sound, unless this is a result of a controlled blind test.

I wouldn't be so sure that the Dynaudios sound better than a TruePlay tuned pair of P:5s, but do enjoy!
I notice that the Dynaudio has a stated spec of 4 ohms - and in many cases this means that the actual impedance can drop lower than that in practice. If that be true of these, then the Connect Amp isn't the right amp for these because it will probably shut down if it has to drive the speaker at loud levels with impedance at or below 2 ohms. If you must have these, using a Connect with an amp that can deliver enough power when impedance drops in that manner is a better option.

Another reason to re evaluate the play 5 units.