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everything was working great until the new update, now sound quality is crap. Sounds like I connect two cans together with string. I updated the speaker wire to 16 gauge and nothing. I called and they ran diagnostics and said nothing was wrong. Using Martin Logan Motion 2 speakers that were working great until about 3 weeks ago, when I get a notification to update. I’ve factory reset the amp and reset everything.


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Hi @AguyinTX 

Welcome to the Sonos Community!

Apologies for the delay - I was looking into something unusual I found in your diagnostics, but it turned out to be an issue with the software that collates all the logs and provides them to us in a readable format, and not with the Connect:Amp itself. We’ve fixed this problem, reprocessed your diagnostics and the anomaly has gone.

The Connect:Amp is not reporting any kind of fault, so all I can suggest at this point is trying alternate speakers - as you’ve already tried new speaker wire, different speakers producing the same issue is the only test that can narrow the problem down to the Connect:Amp. If we can successfully narrow the issue down to the device, we’d be happy to offer an out-of-warranty replacement.

I hope this helps.

so, I have to buy new speakers? These what I’m running right now. They are not heap speakers


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Hi @AguyinTX 

I wasn’t suggesting you buy speakers - just that if you had some spare, old ones, it would be an easy, conclusive test. An alternative would be to connect the speakers you have to an old HiFi (assuming you already have one) - if they sound fine, that again points to the Connect:Amp being at fault. If either test shows the Sonos unit to be at fault, please get back in touch with our technical support team to report the results.

It seems unlikely that both speakers would fail at the same time, however, so if you are unable to perform either of these tests then I can only recommend that you get back in touch with our technical support team and be as clear as you can about the circumstances - but please understand that this in no way constitutes a promise that the unit will be replaced as I do not have that authority.

I hope you find a path forward that you’re happy with.

I’ll see what I can do. I actually have this connect amp only for a record player. I’ll connect the speakers directly to it and see how it goes. Thanks for the prompt response, I’ll let you know ASAP

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Try resetting the EQ settings and then adjust the bass, treble and loudness again.

I may be mistaken, but I think sometimes when I have received an update, my Port sounds different after this update.

I feel I can reset the sound to the old known sound, by resetting the EQ function.

It may be that I'm crazy and this is not the case, but it's easy to reset the EQ function.


Sorry but by reading  your text again I just noticed that you allready have reset everything !