Connect:Amp line-in plays everywhere except on the Connect:Amp

  • 22 March 2017
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I have one Connect:Amp and two Play:1. The home theater is wired into the Connect:Amp through RCA line-in. The outdoor speakers are wired out through the speaker connections.
The Connect:Amp and the outdoor speakers will play all music sources except line-in.
The Play:1 speakers with play all music sources including Connect:amp line-in.

Obviously line-in works, because I can get sound from it through the Play:1 speakers.
Why can't I get the Connect:Amp speakers to play the Connect:Amp line-in. They play other sources.

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3 replies

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It seems like there must be something daft happening. What happens if you group all the zones together and play the line in?
Thank you for your interest.
If I group all of the zones together, the Play:1's will have sound, the Connect:Amp will not have sound.

The technical setup of the line-in is somewhat complicated (because of previous equip prior to Sonos). It starts with my Directv HR44-700. I have the HDMI cabled to my Pioneer VSX-1123. From the Pioneer I output HDMI through the HDZone output. That runs into a Monoprice HDMI-to-analog converter. The analog output from this runs into the Connect:Amp.

I tried running analog from the Pioneer Zone-2 directly to the Connect:Amp. No audio from line-in anywhere.

I tried running analog from the Directv directly to the Connect:Amp. No audio through Connect:Amp, choppy broken audio through the Play:1s

It's a very weird problem that my puzzle solving brain cannot figure out.
Rookie mistake.
I turned it off, turned it back on. All of it works.