Connect:Amp, Bose 251s, and Ohms Question

  • 10 August 2017
  • 2 replies

I have a pair of Bose 251s out in the backyard. I just purchased the Sonos Connect:Amp. After the fact, I noticed that the Boase 251s are rated 6 ohms and the Connect:Amp is rated 8 ohms. I'm not too familiar with the ohms issue, but know enough that I risk burning out the amp. Can the Connect:Amp safely power the Bose 251s?

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2 replies

The Connect:Amp is actually rated at 4 Ohms total impedance. So it can handle 2 pairs of 8 Ohm speakers down to 1 pair of 4 Ohms. That mean a single pair of 6 Ohm speakers will be fine.
Also, the amp has inbuilt protection circuitry that will shut if down if any speaker demands excessive current from it, so it is very unlikely to be burnt as a consequence. Keep the amp in a well ventilated place for heat dissipation , and it ought to not have any trouble.