Connect: AMP and using a switch to do indoor and/or outdoor speakers - OHMS question!

  • 10 February 2017
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Hi, We are in the process of buying a house that has one set of speakers with control pad (called Systemline E50). We cannot add to the system so my plan is to take the pad out and use Sonos instead (but still use the speakers that come with the system in the ceiling. I would want to use a sonos to control what is played through these speakers (but I want to add some outdoor speakers).
I believe I will have to find the speaker wire and plug it into a Connect: AMP. We apparently have wiring outside to connect outdoor speakers. My plan is to use the Connect: AMP for both of them and get a switch such as QED SS30.

I want to play either the same music in the living room and outside but also have the option of playing them separately.
i.e. A & B, A or B.

My Question: I want to know that if I buy the following if they will work together and achieve what I'm looking for.

The speakers I have in the living room ceiling say this on the spec: (there are 2 speakers in the ceiling)
Speaker Impedance : 8 ohm
Amplifier Power: 18w Per Channel

The Switch info says this:

Benefits Of Series vs Parallel
The switches which have more than two sets of speakers use a combination of series and parallel switching to achieve the minimum impedance of 4 ohms no matter what combination of speakers are switched on. For the two way switches there is a choice between exclusively series or parallel versions. If you have 8 ohm speakers (and a 4 ohm min amp) you should always use the parallel switch. If you have 4 ohm speakers and a 4 ohm min amp you should always use the series switch.

How Do These Switches Deal With Powerful Amplifiers?
These accessories use mains switches which are rated at 6A which means the max power they can handle is 288W given an 8 ohm load

QED SS30 Speaker Switching Unit Features

Tick Series/parallel switching ensures safe amplifier impedance loading, all pairs on - 4 ohms (using three pairs of 8 ohm speakers)
Tick Power rating: 150 Watts RMS.
Tick Silver-plated switch contacts.
Tick Large cable entry protected terminals (3.95mm dia)

I would then get outdoor speaker for example these:
They say: Impedance (Nominal) 8 ohms

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