connect amp and seperate powered sub

  • 11 April 2017
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sub and zones

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5 replies

Is this a question? Your post doesn't contain enough information to supply even a guess as to what you're asking.
Question, I have 2 play 1's in a stereo pair in my living room ( living room zone). Can I use a third party powered sub connected to the Sonos amp and linked to that zone? Then have 2 passive speakers wired to the the connect amp as a separate zone ( pool deck)?
Ah, I see. I'm not an owner of a Connect: Amp, so take my comments with a large grain of salt. That being said, I don't think that you can use the Connect:Amp to drive both a subwoofer and another pair of speakers. I believe it's one or the other. Others can and will jump in and correct me, I'm sure.
Yes, you can but it will work only when the Connect Amp is playing; so to get the Sub for filling in for the 1 units as well, the external speakers will also have to play. The speakers terminals + Sub out on the Amp can only work together even when wired to differently placed kit. Also, in this case, the external speakers will not play any bass below the set crossover on the Connect Amp.
Thanks, Kumar!