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  • 26 August 2017
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Hi, we first got a sonos 1 and we where very pleased with good sound. We then bought sonos 3 and 5 but the sound is very flat, i gues the settings is wrong or something but i just cant find a solution. Do you have any tips ??

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2 replies

I take it that with 'flat sound' you are referring to lack of bass? Did you test the Play:3 and Play:5 at the Play:1's exact location? Room characteristics and speaker positioning have massive influence on the perceived sound experience.
In general the Play:1 is set up rather 'bassy' compared to the more linear sounding Play:3.
You also might want to fiddle with your speaker's equalizer settings in order to improve the sound according to your personal needs.
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Have you used the Trueplay tuning?