Borrowing Sonos

  • 5 October 2016
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Hi, I borrowed sonos from a friend to use at my party. I cannot connect the speakers using my internet password. Is it even possible for me to connect to sonos using my Wi-Fi connection?

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30 replies

You'd need to wire one of the speakers to your network first, wait for them to appear in the app and then set your Wi-Fi credentials in the settings. Wired is better though and will mean you don't have to wipe out his Wi-Fi settings, which will probably annoy him when you give them back. Good friend though, no way I'd lend any of my Sonos to anyone!
After spending hour on this thing, I finally managed to connect one of the speakers. Hopefully, I didn't mess up her Wi-Fi setting...
Yeah, been friends for 21 years..
Getting at least one Sonos is on my Christmas wish list. Loving it.
Thanks for your response.
Be careful, it's an addiction. My first was a gift from a friend, who'd gotten it at a concert. I now have ~20 devices, give or take. 🙂
LOL... why do u need so many?
Did you just type 'need'?

I've got 10. And don't 'need' any of them. You'll see... they multiply like rabbits. 😃
BCM gets it :)

Let's see. Bedroom TV 5.1, living room TV 5.1, bathroom, bedroom stereo, kitchen stereo, computer room. I think that's it. Need? Probably none, but love, all of them. I even had one shipped to Thailand while I was there for 4 months working, just because i "needed" it.

I blame my friend, it's his fault.
Same here. I went to a New Years Eve party end of 2008. Host had a Radio Shack streaming device... Sound quality was horrible but it was working and quite well. Other end was plugged into his PC and playing a playlist he had set up. I needed to know about the MP3 streaming technology and Googled when I got home. That's when I found Sonos and it's been a love affair since... Hardly slept that night and couldn't wait to get to Best Buy the next day to get the kit. I've even adapted it to my RV and have a Connect and two Play:1s on the road with me. Perfect reuse of the bridge I got for free when I purchased the Connect and Connect:Amp (ZP90 and ZP120 back then).
Wow... It's an addiction....An expensive one, too!
How long has it been around? It's like I went to sleep and just woke up!
Something like 2003? They were founded in 2002, I'm not sure when the first speaker was released.
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Something like 2003? They were founded in 2002, I'm not sure when the first speaker was released.

Our first player released was the Sonos ZonePlayer 100, which came out in Feb 2005. You can find one of the first reviews here courtesy of the Internet way back machine.
Until Ryan's post I thought the first device was the Connect (or rather the ZP80, essentially the same for our purposes), The Connect converted an existing hifi into a Sonos player. So Sonos was REALLY expensive then as every room needed a Connect, an amplifier and a pair of speakers, or a ZP100, now called the Connect:Amp, which is a Connect and amp in one box, so you just need the speakers of your choice.

Around 2009(?) along came the first "all-in-one" speaker, the Play:5, followed by the Sub, Play:3, Play:1 and Playbar (not necessarily in that order) and the second generation Play:5, which is actually so different from the original, nobody but Sonos knows why it wasn't given another name.

Originally you had to have a Sonos component wired to your router, so if it wasn't convenient to wire one of your Connects then you needed a Bridge for that purpose. Subsequently replaced by the Boost. Sonos can now work without a wired component, but for many setups there are still advantages in having one.

Sonos are great at backwards compatibility and there are still plenty of early ZP80s and ZP100s in service.

I think I now have 12 Sonos devices. I liked the system so much I even became a Sonos reseller for a while. So most of my friends also have Sonos systems :)

Edit: I also forgot the dedicated controllers, now superseded for most users by the free controller apps.
Thanks for all that info! I'm sold!
My CR100 controller still works quite well. Have it mounted to the wall in the kitchen so when I'm cooking I can use that with messy hands instead of messing up my iPhone. I got that, a ZP90, ZP120, and a bridge for about $900 or so back then. Prices haven't changed in all these years either.

You've been warned. No complaints in 6 months, when you're up to your ears in Sonos equipment :)

Welcome to fun!
I'm out in the RV now... Two Play:1s and a Connect filling 400 square feet of living space plus the outdoors with albums from my NAS. I can get Sirius to stream over WIFI if I apply myself, but park WIFI is too sluggish to be passable. Yeah... borrowing is just the tip of the iceberg. Apologize to your significant other for us for your new addiction. 😃
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Didn't the sub come after the Play 3?
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If I remember correctly, yes, it did.
Sonos, along with the internet, has transformed my musical listening as well, from the navel gazing audiophile type to a lot more, in many more places, at many more times in the day.

Although I know all the reasons why it hasn't been done, top of my wish list is a Sonos player that can also do all that my truly portable and splash proof bluetooth speaker does so I can pass that one to some one that isn't into Sonos. More important to me than voice control. Which by the way has been recently incorporated into the bluetooth speaker by an update as well, though I can't say how well that works because I can't be bothered to try it.
Thanks everyone! I had no idea this was a true addiction....I didn't even think anyone would respond to my question....
Can't wait for my party in Saturday!!!
Hint: Set it up early and if you can't get it to work, come here for answers. Someone will get your up and running and turn you into an addict before you know it. Good luck and have fun!
Thank you! One if the speakers is working great. Couldn't get the other one to work but that's OK. The party will be mainly in the backyard, where the speaker will be set up.
You guys rock!
If one works, they both should. Isn't it showing up in your controller? How is the original speaker connected? Wire to your router? Is that the one that is working? If so, restart the other one.
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Wiring a single one to your router will bring up Sonosnet that will then have all the speakers talking direct to each other. Then you should get all of them to come up. Once they are all up if you want to unplug the one hooked to your router go into settings...advanced...wireless setup. Setup your wifi info. After that it will tell you you can unplug the one from your router (most of us prefer keeping one unit hooked to router though for the advantage of Sonosnet).