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  • 13 November 2021
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G'day Community.


Hope all are well!


My first Sonos community post, after setting up my Arc, One SLs (surrounds) and Gen 3 Sub, which all has been Trueplay tuned and sounds pretty mint, so am really pleased. 


No niggles, really impressed by the quality of the sound for movies and music, and music's where my query's centred, specifically Deezer (Premium).

My question,  which may have been asked a million times (apols) - How can I tell if the track I'm streaming is high definition audio - I did look within Support and the community, and found the below in Sonos support, but this does not seem to apply to either the Sonos S2 app or the Deezer app (Android) and the following options are nowhere to be found:

"How can I tell if the track I'm streaming is high definition audio (FLAC)?
Select Info & Options > Track Format. You’ll see the format here (FLAC or MP3)"

Ok, so, I'm aware (thanks to the community) that I can verify HDMI input from my tv/xbox e.g. Atmos by checking Sonos App when playing TV and/or 'About my System', but for music as a source (Deezer), the latter simply shows 'audio in' and 'blank', where you would normally see Dolby Atmos for example.


Have logged out and back in to all apps, and S2 App and all speakers on latest rev firmware. All Deezer setting are set to 11 lol to stream Hi Fidelity.


Is there an actual way to verify in S2 I'm streaming FLAC (or better)?


Thanks for bearing with me!




Best answer by ratty 13 November 2021, 08:48

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2 replies

You have the correct instructions. Tap the "..." next to the song title (under the album artwork), scroll the menu and pick "Track format". 

Perfect Ratty...many thanks for responding so quickly…

I hadn't scrolled! (hadn't realised I could!) :unamused:

FLAC I have!

Much appreciated!