Apple Music doesn't play on my new Amp only

  • 15 June 2024
  • 3 replies

System setup:

  • Sonos Beam in Family room, connected to TV
  • Sonos Amp in Living Room, connected to pair of Bose 701 speakers

Got a new Amp for Father’s Day, and I set it up and, after the required update, went to play some of my Apple Music playlists through the app…and t every song immediately stops playing. I can play songs using Airplay directly onto the Amp, but not through the app.

However, Apple Music still works through the Beam. And both Amazon Music and Sonos Radio work on the Amp; it’s just Apple Music that won’t work.

3 replies

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Not having any issues playing AppleMusic playlists to my Amp with DefTech speakers. I suggest you submit a diagnostic within 10 minutes of the next occurrence and post the reference ID in your next post. Then call Sonos Tech support on Monday to review the results.

Any luck finding a solution?


I’m having the exact same issue. just purchased an amp for an outdoor setup and Apple Music won’t play. Just cycles through songs without playing anything. Apple Music works great on my other devices (arcs). 

Having same isssue.  I have many ports amps and connects.  If i group them together it will work on new amp but not separately