App says "Sorry, we can't connect to Sonos. System down.

  • 19 November 2016
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As of this am (11/19/2016) my system is not working. I've rebooted routers, computers, phones etc. Reconnected my Sonos Boost and unplugged and plunged back in several of my speakers (over 10 in the house).

Of course Sonos support is mon - fri.

Anyone else experiencing connection problems?

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3 replies

Hi. This is local to you. Sonos doesn't "go down" collectively. But to get any help (which we'd love to give) you will have to tell us a lot more than that Sonos is "not working". Please describe what is happening.
For example, what device or devices are you using as controllers and is the problem the same with all controllers?

Do you have a guest network on your router? Is the controller definitely connecting to the network to which your Sonos system is connected?

Is the problem just that the controller(s) can't find the system?
John - thanks for responding. None of my control options (iPhone App, iMac) would work. I completely unplugged the Sonos Boost and plugged back in. That fixed the issue. Thanks again.