Amplifier trigger on Sonos connect

  • 14 December 2014
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Hi, this topic and question has been asked before and is a wanted request for the users or potential users of a Sonos connect. We want to have the possibility to trigger an external amplifier connected to the Sonos connect from standby to ON as well as back to standby then not playingi music so we dont have to run the amp 24/7. Is this function now in the plans for future development and to be released in the near future? Software solution or new hardware (new connect). A new hardware with a 12v trigger seem to be a simple 2015 upgrade? 🙂

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12 replies

+1 Surprised this was not included in the first two generations of the product. It should definitely be in the next hardware update. 
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try here for some info on what others have done.
I just posted the same idea/request in a new thread. Did a search with my title and the "Connect" keyword first without succes. 
I agree that this should have been in the original ZP80 and ZP100 considering the market that these devices were designed to compete in. Certainly the introduction of the ZP90/Connect would have been the right time to correct the oversight. Hopefully it will be in the next generation hardware. 
In honesty I'm not going to consider Sonos as my streaming upgrade without trigger support.
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Asgeir its not a Pro AV product , but consumer AV! Either look for another solution or buy something like this: You are asking too much of Sonos
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As with many of us we have a big investment in Sonos gear (15 devices in my house), and it's a great product...but it's not perfect and having a 12V trigger on the Connect would be a big step forward, and has been requested and talked about by customers for years....I maybe looking in the wrong area but I have never seen anything from Sonos letting us know if it is in their product roadmap or a reason why it seems to be too hard to impliment....simple feedback would be good customer service.
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On the hardware side many of the devices are getting long in the tooth. They have to be working on new hardware but are not gong to tell until release primarily because competition really likes copying their ideas ( although competitors with advantage of new hardware have added some of these type things). Hopefully sonos will leap frog or catch up from hardware standpoint next hardware release while maintaining performance content and reliability lead.
In case it's of interest, I found an alternative solution, though it requires a Harmony smart hub (~£70), and a computer running 24/7. It leverages the fact you can query the play state of the Sonos using a shell script, and that you can script infrared commands via the smart hub.

It took a lot of trial and error, and would likely need modification according to your environment. However, for me it works well, didn't require any electrical re-wiring, is robust to silences in tracks etc. In case this might help anyone else I wrote a blog post on how I set it up here:
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This might be a solution...
I have been asking for this option fo a long time. This should be a no brainer !! I would gladly buy this either as an enhanced sonos connect or as a seperate product that would pair with my connect!! I hope some one at Sonos gets their head out of the sand, and develops something !! I am not interested is taking apart my sonos connect for a DIY project...
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I 100% agree. I was in the same position as you and didn't want to lose warranty or just break the brand new connect I just got... But just to clarify the above DIY is connected through Ethernet. So no need to take apart your connect;)