Amazon tap Line in to Sonos 5

  • 4 December 2016
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I have heard the announcements regarding Amazon. and Sonos working together in the future but I have a question concerning current components and thief abilities. Can I run a 3.5 male to male from an Amazon tap into a Sonos 5 ? I have attempted to connect both components as mentioned but cannot get the Amazon tap to operate. I can only play music via the Sonos app. I cannot even start the music on the Amazon tap then connect the line in to the Sonos 5 and hear music. It is an older series Sonos 5. I read the attached love link but it did not work. Any suggestions??

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4 replies

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I've connected an Echo Dot to the Line In in my Connect with no issues, so no reason it shouldn't work with a Play:5 either. You'd need Amazon Prime (which gets you ~2 million songs), Amazon Music Unlimited (which gets you ~10 million songs) or Spotify to play music from the Echo Dot through to Sonos. No info yet on when Alexa-Sonos integration will be going on, beyond the original press release about it.

Just a note, though, that the delay in hearing the audio through Sonos can be a bit annoying when trying to have a conversation or do something interactive with Alexa.
Still no luck. Does anyone know whether the Amazon Tap and Somos line in components are compatible?

Amazon tap, with the line in, says "remove line in to talk to me." That said, even after I start music playing on the Amazon tap then connect the line in to Sonos 5, nothing. No sound,

As said is the Amazon Tap compatible or just the dot?
You would need a line-out on the Tap to connect to a line-in on Sonos. I'm afraid the Tap doesn't have a line-out, it's a line-in, used to hook up an audio source like a phone or iPod to play on the speaker in the Tap. Only the Dot has a line-out.
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It is a line in on the tap .... that won't send sound OUT to a Sonos speaker. Only the dot does that. There is nothing on the tap to hook to Sonos for any use.

You will have to wait on integrated support.