Age of Sonos unit ZP90

  • 10 July 2019
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I'm selling a pre-owned ZP90 on eBay (in order upgrade to Connect:Amp) and a prospective purchaser is asking the age of the unit. Can I tell the age of my Sonos unit by the serial number or hardware version?

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7 replies

Not sure if this helps, but it it is truly a ZP80 and not a Connect, it was manufactured between 2008 and 2013. However, the change to the Connect is simply a rebadging, and the same basic design is used today (there may have been some tweaks, including the infamous screwing with bit-perfect on the later Connects), but it is the same basic unit.

Perhaps a Sonos employee can dig further into the S/N or hardware #.
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I'd suggest contacting Sonos support, several options on the contact page and give them the MAC / serial number to see if they can give you the answer. They did that for me many years ago on a CR-100 issue. These community forums aren't the best method for interacting with the support folks.
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@jptyson, calling the team with the serial number can help get some more details. An easy way to check the age is by looking at 4 digits before the serial number, those are the year and month that the unit was manufactured.

Also, will show you the most recent registration for your devices.
Submit a Diagnostic. This will pin down exactly which hardware version you have and a range of dates. I know that SONOS could pull up the manufacturing test data for each unit, but I don't know if this is available to the support staff. Most of the serial number is the unit's MAC address and this is easily recognizable. If your unit appears to have a much longer serial number, the MAC address will be at the trailing end and the leading digits are a manufacturing date code.

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Or just say it is around ten years old. More precision than that isn't meaningful in the context.
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Handy to know, looks like my closest ZP-80 was made 0606 while my newest Play 1 was born on 1712, numbers which I never recognized as a date before.
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Thanks all, looks like it was 'born' in December 2010!