Adding Sonos to existing turntable set up

  • 15 March 2023
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I have an already existing turntable set up of a Fluance RT 82 (which doesn’t have a built in phono preamp) > Phono In of a Sony STR-DH190 amp > speaker wire to passive speakers.

The family room is next to my set up is going to have ceiling speakers installed with a Sonos amp (primarily used for TV sound).

I’d like to be able to sometimes listen to my wired set up as described through my wired speakers and other times, play my turntable through my sonos amp in the family room.

l’ve read there are a few options (using a port, a Connect G2, or a Bluetooth transmitter + Roam), but I’m not sure how all the connections work and in what order and how to change the output to toggle between the hardwired output and the Sonos.  I do see on my amp, input 4 has both IN and OUT, but I don’t see how to switch between the speaker terminal out and the input 4 out.

And if all of this is possible, any guidance of pros/cons between the port/connect G2/BT+Roam options would be appreciated.



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Hi @Ozzzie19, welcome to the Sonos Community!

If you’re just looking to play the audio from your turntable to Sonos, as you already have everything connected together, the Sonos Port would be my recommendation. It should be easy for you to wire the Sonos Port and your existing Amp together, we also have a support article for listening to Vinyl on Sonos.

For the Roam, as long as the turntable or your Sony amp could connect to the Roam, then it would be able to connect and play with your other Sonos devices. You’d want to keep the Roam close to the device that is transmitting the Bluetooth signal to prevent any dropouts or interruptions, so you likely would have it in the same room as your turntable/Sony amp and wouldn’t be able to take it around with you. 

I hope this information helps!