Add three players to a room

  • 17 November 2016
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hi there
I tried to set up a pair of Play:1's and a single Play:3 in the same room (kitchen), but I didn't manage to do so. Is that even possible? Everytime I tried to add the Play:3 as a new player, it kept ending up in the old room it was in before. And just changing the rooms name of the play:3 to kitchen wouldn't work either.

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4 replies

I'm assuming the pair of play:1s are set up as a stereo pair. Just "group" the room that the Play:3 is in with the kitchen. If you wanted to, you could name that room Kitchen2 or something.
"Room" is just a label for a speaker. You could call your speakers Tom, Dick and Harry and put them all in the Kitchen. Then pair / group as required to all play together.
ok then, that is how I am going to do it. Thanks guys!
Wait, you're really going to name your speakers Tom, Dick, and Harry?