6 Amps, TV RC volume controls only one

  • 30 November 2022
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I’m finishing up my 3,000sq ft shop/garage. I put in 5 pairs of in-ceiling speakers and a pair of sonance mariners outside.

The shop is completely open, so I purchased 6 amps as I wanted to rock the place if necessary.

My goal is/was to have the 5 amps powering the inside speakers all grouped together and essentially never ungroup them. 

I put up a Sony X95k and connected eArc hdmi to the first amp, and everything is working exactly how I envisioned other than volume control.  While watching TV, the TV remote control only controls the volume on the first amp. To move all volumes in unison I have to use the app. 

When listening to music it’s perfect because I’m using the app anyways and it controls all the volume, but I’d like to be able to not have my phone on me and pick up the TV remote and control all amp volumes in unison.

Is this by design or should I be setting up the amps differently? Each amp was set up as independent stereo pair and then I grouped the 5 interior ones together.




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This is by design. The TV remote will only control the volume on the Amp connected to the TV, not any of the other grouped Amps or Sonos speakers.

Thank you. I worried about that. I suppose I’ll look into a third party remote option, something like URC that should be able to control Sonos rather than the TV.

Add an Echo Dot or two and use voice control?  Just a thought, not at all sure how practical that would be in your case.