Two play 5 and 2 subs stereo mode

Hi!, i know that pairing a stereo mode is still imposible with 2 subs, i like a lot the Sound of the sonos sub thats why i bought two, hopefully with an update make this possible !!

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Two almost always not better than one, when it comes to wives and subs.

But you can use the second Sub in another room!
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It would seem to be very unlikely that Sonos will ever allow 2 Subs to be added t to a stereo pair. There are potential sonic issues with having 2 Subs playing the same signal in the same space due to the wavelength of the sound and interference between the two signals.

Whilst writing this I realised that, presumably, it's possible to have 2 "rooms" each with a stereo pair of 1s, 3s or 5s that each have a SUB bonded and then to GROUP those - you could even have those in the same room or adjacent rooms.
I wonder if anybody has done this and have any feedback?
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When I have a spare hour I might move te 2nd sub into the liunge and give it a try.

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