Sub location

  • 22 May 2019
  • 4 replies

Is it acceptable to locate my sub woofer behind my stereo console?

4 replies

That's the nice thing about the Sonos system. As long as you're within reach of a power plug, you can test the placement in multiple areas of the room, and figure out what works for you.

However, for music, I'd certainly tend to agree. My SUB is used 90% for movies, though, so location isn't quite as important.
My experience with music is that it is necessary for good integration with the main speaker pair that the Sub is kept in the plane of the speakers, between the two. Ideally at the centre, but that is not essential.
For movies, placement does not seem to be as critical because the Sub is for loud effects that don't need much of integration with the rest of the movie soundtrack to be effective.
Thanks Bruce. That might even be a better location for the sub.

You can if you want. There's no real reason not to try it, at least. I'd be mildly concerned that it would muffle the output a bit, but bass is fairly non-directional, unlike the more treble end of the scale. I have mine underneath my couch, and it works well.