Stereo sound from connect

  • 10 December 2017
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How to play stereo sound on Play 5 stereo pair thru connect

I have bought second PLAY:5 over Thanksgiving. Connect only plays Mono Sounds. How to fix this?

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17 replies

So, i'm a little unclear as to what you're really asking. What is the source of your music? Why are you using a CONNECT? How do you know that the PLAY:5 isn't playing the stereo signal?
Thanks for helping. I am trying to play my TV sound to paired Play:5. TV is connected thru RCA cable to SONOS:CONNECT, who in turn is connected with a pair of PLAY:5s. When playing, I get sound only in one PLAY:5 and the other one does not play the sound. Hope this is clear.
Much more so, thanks.

First thing I would be looking at is the cables. Make sure they’re plugged in properly at both ends, especially on the TV side. If you’re using the component out on the TV, it’s pretty easy to plug in incorrectly. You should be plugged in to LEFT AND RIGHT, and nothing else.

Second, check to make sure that all devices have the audio preferences to Stero, or PCM/Stereo. Check the audio settings on the TV for the same.

Once that’s all done, put something on the TV, and go in to the Settings of the controller app, and pull up “About My Sonos”. Look for the PLAY:5 for the line that says Line-in, and see what it says. It should be “Stereo”

Gosh, the thought just struck me. Have you set up your PLAY:5s as a Stereo pair? If not, you should do that now/ first.
Thanks Bruce. I had everything as you described except TV output mode. Checked that. It is on PCM but still only one channel plays. I checked with SONOS tech support as well and they confirmed that CONNECT cannot broadcast Stereo. Not sure if there is any other way around...
I checked with SONOS tech support as well and they confirmed that CONNECT cannot broadcast Stereo.
That advice is flat out wrong. Or, you have misunderstood what was said.

Does the 5 pair play in stereo mode via another source like internet radio? Even, do both speakers play when paired in stereo mode via another source?
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Kumar is correct. You have something setup wrong. And a Connect is absolutely stereo. You misunderstood something rep told you or he was incorrect.

Let people here know what your system says and should get this fixed easily.
What happens if you swap the red and white cables running into the connect from the tv,
Does the same speaker on the play 5s play or does this swap to the opposite speaker but still only mono?
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What kind of cable do you have between tv and connect. Are you sure the red/white are both hooked to the red/White marked input and not Hooke done toninoit and one to output.
Guys - Thanks a lot in helping me to solve my problem. Delayed response as I have a travelling job. Coming back to the problem, my conversation with SONOS tech support was over a chat, so no miscommunication there. The agent asked me to run the diagnostics and then told me below:

"Got it, the players are configured properly for your equipment. However, the CONNECT won't output a true stereo sound even when grouped with the PLAY:5s. The CONNECT does have the ability to output sound from the TV, but the only players that balance the sound into stereo are the PLAYBAR and PLAYBASE. When the PLAY:5s are bonded to one of those the sound will be stereo, but it will not be with a CONNECT grouped with the PLAY:5."

@exteremeha002 - Also, when I swap Red and White cables, the opposite speaker plays sound and only mono.

@Chris - Good to know that CONNECT is stereo and my settings are below:
Serial Number: B8-E9-37-99-12-3A:C
Version: 8.2.2 (build 39448021)
Hardware Version:
IP Address:
WM: 0
OTP: 1.1.1(1-17-5-zp90-2.1)
Sorry Kamal, I changed my email address and then it locked me out of the other forum account. So this is Extremeha002.

Did you swap the Red and white at the connect, or at the device?
Tried both at Connect as well as at my TV... Same result in both cases... The opposite speaker plays in Mono
To me it sounds like 1 of two things are faulty.
One side of the output of your TV,
Or the cable is faulty.

Try it at the opposite device.
And see if the same thing is happeneing.
If you swap at tv or sonos sides and the play 5 swaps both times, then the cable is ok and theres an issue with your tv. If you swap at tv end and the sound doesnt swap then you have a faulty rca cable.

If one side of the input of the sonos was faulty the speaker sound would not swap, (play 5 changed sides, so we have proven that this is working correctly)
In that case, do you have another device you can try?

Cd or dvd player, vhs, games console? Something with rca output that you can try playing sound into the connect.
Or even if you have Rca-3.5mm plug you could try using your phone as a source.
Thanks, will try and let you know
This quote is wrong: "However, the CONNECT won't output a true stereo sound even when grouped with the PLAY:5s."

If there's a stereo signal being sent in to the CONNECT, then a stereo signal will be sent out. Your CS rep gave you bad information.
I disconnected the RCA cable from TV and hooked directly into my cable box and it worked. Looks like not only my TV output port is faulty but same is SONOS CS support. Thanks guys... Appreciate your help... Happy Holidays!