Static noise in my Beolab 8000 speakers when connnected to Sonos ZP80

  • 27 October 2016
  • 3 replies

I hear a constant noise in the speakers when they are plugged into the Sonos. When plugged in my iphone or my airport express Theres no noise at all.

What can be the problem?


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3 replies

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Hi Jesper, welcome to the community. Could you tell me a few things further about your setup?

  • Are you using a cable directly from the Sonos to the B&O, or is there another device in between?
  • In Settings, Room Settings for the ZP80 if your line-out volume level is set to fixed or variable?
  • Has this worked fine without noise previously?
  • Do you know if the RCA cable you are using works OK on another input device and speaker combination?

Finally, please send us a diagnostic and let us know the number you get.
Hi Tom

The number for the diagnostics is 6692523

The cables are okay, but not the best quality. There's only the cable between the Sonos and the speakers and the volume leves is set to variable. I don't know if its the correct setting.
The speakers works fine, with no noise, when plugged into a phone or into my airport express router and when plugged into the zp80 there's noise. Enough noise so that the speakers won't turn off and go to standby mode, as they do when connected to the phone or airport express.

Regards Jesper
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Hey Jesper, thanks for the diagnostic. There does seem to be something a little unusual going on with the CONNECT. Are you also using it to receive a Line-In connection? If so, try removing that input and see if the output changes at all. In fact, would it be possible to attach a photo of the back of the unit showing the cable setup you normally use?