Sonos Port: setup with my Amplifier and Power Amp Denon

  • 7 December 2019
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I have issue to setup my Sonos Port.  I have a:

  • Power amp  Denon pma 2020e connected to an amplifier (see below)  and  two floor speakers
  • Amplifier Denon avr-x4200w connection to surrounds speakers, TV, PS4… 


I would like to Stream my Sonos services (like Tunein Radio) to my two floor speakers 


  1. I do not hear  any music when I plug the Sonos Port on the Amplifier (Stereo or Dolby surround mode) , e.g on CD port.  
  2. I do hear music when I plug the Sonos Port on the Power Amp (as on photo joined)


The option 1) is much more convenient as the Amplifier is controlling  everything. 


Any idea what what I am  doing wrong?  Thanks in advance for advices




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3 replies

Your testing suggests that there’s an issue on the Denon’s CD port. There may be some programming needed on the device in order to “turn on” the input. Since the Sonos is working on the other device, we know it’s not an issue with the Sonos. Have you contacted Denon for support?

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The Denon input port mapping is complex, grab the manual and step through it. I have found the AVR programming to be much easier using the internal web server compared to the front panel method.


Thank you @Airgetlam  and @Stanley_4  !!

It works now after changing Input Assign in  Denon AV receiver.



I have also realised than cabling between power ampl and av receiver was not correct. 

Last mile is to get the 12v trigger to work but it is a minor issue