Sonos:Connect using receiver to 4 speakers

  • 20 May 2022
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I have many Sonos speakers, amps, etc… I may have a Sonos problem :)

One of my older systems is a Sonos:Connect that runs into a Sony consumer receiver which then powers 4 outdoor speakers (rated at 125W each). The problem I have with this system is that the receiver times out, which means that every time I want to turn on the outdoor speakers, I have to manually flip the receiver on. Boo!

I installed a couple extra outdoor zones, which are powered with the new Amps which have enough juice now to power my other outdoor speakers.

So, my options now seem to be replace my existing Connect/Receiver solution with 2 Sonos amps ($700 ea), which now have enough power per channel to run everything. Or, I find a receiver that doesn’t auto-turn off that is less than $1400 and keep the Connect. Of course, the other problem is that the Sonos amps are all back ordered until August, so… yeah… 


Anyway, looking for receiver options, suggestions?

2 replies

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Hi @codemonkeychris 

Welcome to the Sonos Community!

That sounds more like a Sonos solution to me! 😁

I can’t recommend any products that we don’t make or supply - especially when the alternative is to buy some lovely Sonos Amps -  but hopefully my replying here will get your question back up to the top of the activity list on the forum and someone else will answer.

However, the successor to the Connect is the Port, and it has a 12volt trigger connection for turning on compatible amplifiers when the device starts playback - does your existing Sony device have a trigger connection available? If so, then you could keep the amplifier you have and instead replace the Connect with a Port to solve the problem you’re having (12v connecting cable is not supplied).

Alternatively - and this depends on how much individual control you require across your zones - you could wire 2x pairs of speakers to each existing Sonos Amp, assuming the speakers all have an 8 Ohm impedance rating. The two Amps you have could run 8 speakers altogether, without buying anything at all (except maybe some longer speaker wire). If they are Sonance Outdoor speakers, you could run 12 speakers off the two Amps.

I hope this helps.


A quick reminder to anyone that does have any amplifier/receiver suggestions - naming makes and models of competing products is OK, but please don’t add any links to purchase sites as these will be removed.

I agree with the above, in that your best option is to see if you can power the 4 speakers with existing couple of amps you already have.  If not, then you would only need 1 new app to cover the 4 speakers (if 8 ohms).  You can get a 3rd party amp  that can use the 12v trigger, or signal sensing capabilities, but you might be better off just selling your recever and connect for a new amp.

I’m using 2 amps  + Port and 3rd party amp for my backyard.  The reason I didn’t go with a 3rd amp is because I already had the port and 3rd party amp.  Didn’t even really need that 3rd zone, but I had the gear.  The amp I’m using has been discontinued though.