Sonos Connect keeps disappearing & makes clicking sound through amp

  • 27 October 2019
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I have a Sonos Connect and 3 Play:1s. The Play:1s are working fine but the Connect keeps disappearing (from Android and Mac apps). If sound is playing through it that stops too. Sometimes it comes back by itself after a while. If not then usually rebooting (remove power cable, wait 5s, reinsert power cable) gets it working again for a while although not always.


When it’s playing up I also sometimes hear a click through the amp/speakers that it is connected to - the kind of noise you get when you turn something on without turning your amp off. That makes me think it could be rebooting itself.


I don’t think it’s a network issue - it is connected with an Ethernet cable to a TP Link Deco in the same room as the master deco, and even when the Connect is playing up I can still ping the Deco that it is connected to from my Mac or the phone with the Sonos app that the Connect has disappeared from.


It got to the stage a couple of weeks ago where it wasn’t connecting at all. I also tried resetting it - this worked once but when it got really bad a couple of weeks ago it wouldn’t even reset (light stayed white when I powered on with Play/Pause button held down rather than switching to flashing orange). At this point I took it back to the place I bought it (Sevenoaks). They tried it and were able to reset it and successfully use it. After this I tried resetting again, this time it worked and I was able to re-add it to my system, however the next day it was playing up again (dropping off, clicking sounds).


It’s driving me crazy and really ruining my Sonos experience. I suspect it’s an issue with the player, I’d like to return it for a replacement please.




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Thanks for the reply, I've been in touch with Sonos via Facebook and returned the Connect for rep

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3 replies

P.S. I ran a diagnostics report (1991117315), at the if I remember correctly time the Connect was visible but not working (“Unable to connect to Sonos player” error when I tried to play something on it)


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Hi Francis,


Thanks for reaching out. When the Connect drops from your app, try pressing and releasing the play/pause button on the Connect. The button should change colors or flash. If the button does not respond, it’s likely that the operating system on the Connect has crashed. If this is the case, it may run for a while after rebooting before crashing again. 


If the Connect’s button responds, then the unit probably lost its network address. You can check for any IP address conflicts on your network, or try replacing the ethernet cable.

Thanks for the reply, I've been in touch with Sonos via Facebook and returned the Connect for rep