SONOS AMP - which surrounds?

hello I'm about to purchase a SONOS AMP - I'm using it to connect my B&W speakers, subwoofer and turntable to my Sonos system. i'll be using it with both Airplay 2 and the Sonos App.

My question is - Which surround speakers should I buy? Sonos play:1 or Sonos one? I believe the former will work as a surround group using Airplay for music? what about Spotify Connect?

documentation is slightly spotty here.

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Hi RDTitus, the short answer is that both will work for Airplay 2 and Spotify, assuming you're using them bonded with the Amp as surround speakers, not as a separate room grouped with the Amp. The Sonos Amp is Airplay 2 compatible, so any surrounds bonded with it will also play that audio.

That said, if you're using the Sonos Ones you'll also be able to take advantage of the voice control with Alexa, and later with Google Assistant, if you're interested in having the capabilities in the future.
Hmm. so you are saying that The surrounds and the amp (which has my B&W towers and sub connected) will all work as a single room in a multi room setup.. but I'd need Sonos one's if I wanted Alexa.
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That's correct. The Play:1 doesn't have Alexa or Airplay 2 compatibility, so if bonded with an Amp as the rear channels, you'd be fine with Airplay 2, but you'd need to use a Sonos One for the voice control.
Ok. but I can control it via another Alexa device. yes?
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RDTitus wrote:

Ok. but I can control it via another Alexa device. yes?

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What he said about the Sonos Ones but I also prefer them because I think they look better and are more flexible if you want to use them for something else. Get the Flexson not Sanus stands. They are better made, look better, and fit the speaker in a more stable way.
I turn off the surrounds for 2.1 music.

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