Sonos Amp and separate 8-Channel Speaker Setup

  • 1 January 2020
  • 3 replies

Technician instructed me to purchase Sonos Amp and a separate 8-channel speaker selector for the 8 built-in speakers in my home. I also have 2 Sonos Ones in other rooms. When a different technician came to set up everything, he did it totally different from what the first guy told us, and even when questioned, he just said he didn’t know why the first guy told me that, and basically had no answers. He grouped all of my built-in speakers during the Sonos Amp setup process, and I cannot figure out how to change them. Can that even be undone without starting all over?  They are labeled as 4 separate pairs on the channel selector, but not in the App or the PC Controller. I am hoping there is a simple way to do that on my own without having to schedule another appointment and pay again. Thank you.

3 replies

As far as the Sonos app is concerned you have 3 Sonos products or ‘rooms”. The amp and the 2 Ones are all you will ever see there because the app has no way of knowing what is connected to your Amp. If you want to control each set of wired speakers separately from within the app you will have to buy a separate Amp to feed each room.

Thank you! That makes sense and now I understand. There is a volume control in the Master Bath but I have to turn it all the way up to hear the music. Otherwise, the volume in the LR is really loud (no separate volume control in that room) but I didn’t want to have to turn off the speakers in LR to be able to increase the volume in the Master Bath.  I thought if the Master Bath showed up separately on the App I could control the volume better.

A friendly system will provide the means to separately control the level in each room. Otherwise, you’ll continue to have issues like you have experienced with the Master Bath and Living Room. If this is done by using separate AMP’s for each room, then you can use the SONOS controller to adjust Volume independently in each room. You can also use in-wall controls (such as you have in the Master Bath) or there are speaker selector boxes that include a Volume control for each pair. The major disadvantage of using the selector box Volume controls it that one must travel to the box when making adjustments.