Sonos Amp and High level input from Subwooder?

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I have a Sonos Amp, and a Definitive Tech Sub Pro 800 that has both the mono RCA LFE option (What is connected now) and also has the option to connect via high level input. Real Subwoofers have this too.

Can this work with the Sonos Amp? I searched but did not find an answer. So basically I’d connect my Def Tech sub to the left and right speaker channels of the amp, and then I would connect my 2 front speakers to the back of the sub.

Will that work or do I have to keep using the LFE? It’s for music, so I figured using the High Level input may sound better as the sub would get the same signal as the speakers, right? Or am I mistaken?


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you tried to connect with rel arrow

hi, i think i have a solution, rel arror solved the problem. Everything works great with sonos amp.

Hi @szymonmr 

What problem specifically did you solve by using Arrow?

I have a similar problem as discussed in this forum. I get a hum when connecting the Amp to a REL T5i using the high level inputs. When I use the RCA cable as indicated by REL the hum reduces massively but not completely.