Scratches on Sonos Beam

  • 11 June 2019
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My son (7 months old) managed to grab my Beam and drop it on the floor, resulting in some major scratches (see pic).
Any ideas on how to remove them, or at least make them less visible? Perhaps a pen will do, but what color code is the black Beam?

6 replies

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Are those actual scratches or scuff marks?

Try rubbing your finger over it, does it rub off?
Probably safe to assume you've already tried that.
I can assure you that it's not possible to rub them off with your finger (also tried a dry and a lightly moistured cloth).
I didn't see the accident happen (just heard the bump noise) but the Beam may have bounced off my white TV-stand before hitting the floor. I don't see any marks on it though.
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Ah okay, so then it's probably paint marks from your TV stand.


Just looked up how to remove paint from plastic. Apparently vegetable oil can be used, but I won't recommend that.
Thanks, but I don't think I'll try that just yet. Actually I do feel the top scratch with my fingernail but I don't say that you're wrong about the paint.
Does anyone else has an idea or experience of removing this kind of stuff?
First we need to determine if the scar has scratched through to a white layer in BEAM or some paint or plastic has been transferred to BEAM's surface. With careful examination of the stand you may be able to identify the point of impact and decide if any material is missing.

If BEAM is black throughout, you can probably buff out the worst of the blemish.

Using liquids is risky. Always try the liquid in an inconspicuous location before attacking the blemish.

You can explore the buffing idea with a cotton swab. Note however that the BEAM's plastic might be coated with something to improve the uniformity of appearance. Any buffing operation is likely to remove that coating. If this is the case, you have dilemma. While you may be able to remove the white, the uniformity of the coating will be compromised, but at least it will be black on black, not white on black.
Thanks for the advice buzz, I'll investigate it further.
I'll also try asking Sonos official support if they can tell whether the beam is black throughout or not.