Play ZP90 through smart TV

  • 25 October 2020
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Hello - first time user of this forum so thank you to anybody who can help with this. Is it possible to use a smart TV (LG LED) as the amplifier/speaker for a ZP90 (possibly via a Humax box)? I have an old ZP90 that is not getting used and this would save the need for an amp/speaker purchase to play it through if a TV could do this - acknowledging that TV audio may not be the best sound quality. I see lots of people looking to use the Sonos system to play their TV audio in a surround sound approach but not the other way round. Thanks again.

2 replies

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Do either the TV or the Humax have inputs that could be connected to the Connect?

These are the outputs on the Connect:

From left to right optical or coaxial digital and analogue RCA. Most TV’s and settop boxes are not equipped with optical or coaxial inputs, but a TV, especially if it’s a bit older, oldmight have a analogue input. So look for RCA connections on the TV, that’s your best bet.

If not a converter like this might work, though not supplying it with image might be a problem:

Thank you for this - very helpful. I’m not at the house with the equipment just now but know for sure that it has a HDMI input so the converter should do the job if the other inputs are not available. From memory the optical socket is only an output and the ony coax option is used by the incoming aerial signal. It does have RCAs but I’m not sure whether input or output. I’ll reply when I’m next at the house and it has wifi up and running. Thanks again.