Play line in from Sonos port A, to both Sonos port A and Sonos port B outputs

  • 13 December 2020
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Hello everyone, please forgive me if my question is answered already but I search for somedays now and I cant manage to find an answer.

I have two Sonos port. Each one connected to a stereo amp with HI-FI speakers in different rooms.

I want to listen the music coming from a CD player that is connected to my first Sonos port(A) line in, simultaneously to both port (A ) and port (B) outputs. So play the line in from port (A) to the line out of both port (A) and port (B).

I cant manage to do that.

Is it possible or I am trying something that is not supported?   

From the app S2 I select the line in on the port (A) that the CD is connected then I try to play that to both port (A) and port (B) and nothing comes out.

Is it also possible if I want to listen the CD to the room of port (B) and listen a radio station on the port (A) even when the CD is connected to the port (A) ?


Thank you in advance for any suggestion

5 replies

All possible.  To play through both there is a setting for 'include grouped rooms '. And you have to group the rooms!

Yes, all those things are possible as John B mentions - just as one very quick simple example, goto "Settings/System/[Port Room Name]" in the Sonos App for both your products and set them to ‘Autoplay’ to their own room and toggle on the option to ‘include grouped rooms’. (You can always toggle these settings off later if you find you do not require Autoplay etc.)

Then goto the "System/Rooms" tab (middle icon) in the App and group your two ‘Port Rooms’ together yourself.

If you then play anything through the line-in of either Port device it will Autoplay the audio to both Ports and their respective connected receivers/speakers attached to their line-out (assuming you have each of those receivers set to play the line-in audio from the Port etc.)

Thank you both for your help!

I did group them together and it didn’t work. I ungroup them, I did activate the autoplay for each one on their own room and group them again and still no sound coming out. The app will stop what is streamed and switch to the line in when there is input signa but no sound. 

Neither of them will play the line in on their own outputs or stream it to another device.

I tried changing input sensitivity and latency on both port with no result. I do see in the app 3 bars moving next to the respective port when there is an input signal in either one of them. Apart from the CD player, I tried connecting my phone, an old mp3 player and different audio cables on both port with similar result. 

I have no issue using the line in on my play 5 and listen music on the 5 itself and on my play one. But both port also won’t play what is in the line in on the 5.

When I play a radio station, a file from my phone, Spotify or Deezer everything is working great. I can choose where to play, adjust volumes play different source in the group and/or each speaker. Similarly different sources will play to each port when ungrouped.

The line in from both port doesn't work and they also won't play what is on the line in on my play 5. 

Based on the app I have the latest software.

What am I missing here?

Could it help if I try factory resetting everything?


I’m just posting this image for reference purposes - perhaps just double-check you are using the correct ports (not wishing to be rude, but it is easy to mistake the RCA line-out and line-in) here is a diagram of the Port’s ...ports, just thought it worth covering all bases first:


So the CD player is connected to the RCA audio in and you have the Receiver/Speakers cabled to the RCA line-out… is the line-out level set to ‘fixed’ or ‘variable’ and have you perhaps tried toggling between both level types to see if it ‘kicks’ the playing audio-out into action?