New Sonos product request/ideas.

  • 9 June 2017
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I have had my Sonos setup since 2013 and I love it. The sound is fantastic and they have never let me down. I would like to expand on my products and have some requirements that are not yet catered for by Sonos. I would like to ask that you review these ideas for feasibility.

1) Instead of purely tying PLAY1's or Play 3's to my Soundbar and Sub for surround sound in my living room, it would be great to have in-wall speakers that are based on the Sonos principle meaning, they only require power to function and can be added as surrounds. Much like the Monitor Audio products

2) The same principle as above but for in ceiling speakers. I would love to have in ceiling Sonos speakers on my ground floor and 2nd floor but without the hassle of running cables to Sonos Connected Amps somewhere. If it could be a matter of purely adding power, that would allow me to immediately expand my Sonos collection.

Should the above two be feasable, the combination of in wall and in ceiling Sonos speakers could greatly expand home cinema audio options to something along the lines of Dolby Atmos.

I look forward to your feedback.

Thank you

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5 replies

all you need is
then use whatever in wall/ceiling speakers you like works well
andrewstirling, thanks for the comment. If you look at my request, you will see that I specifically said I don't want to run Connected amps. The space I have between my floors do not allow me to place a Connected amp in the cavity and I do not want to have to place the Connected amps in an adjoining room for both space and aesthetics. It would be much easier to just have in-wall or in-ceiling speakers based around Sonos's existing technology.
Something like this might help... if they ever made it to production.

Out of curiosity, how are envisioning supply power to the hypothetical unit would work? That might be the biggest problem. Unless you have a spare outlet in the attic you can easily get to, you're going to have issues plugging it in. Otherwise you'd surely need a licensed electrician to do your install. They are a bit more expensive than your typical AV installer I think. In that regard, installing speaker wire is a lot easier to do that providing power

Another problem is that in many cases, your in-wall/ in-ceiling speakers are exposed to heat/cold and such more than equipment inside your house. So the cost is going to go up so that the equipment can handle it. It's basically a computer, so it would need to be ruggedized.

A big concern for me has to do with real estate policies. Typically when you sell a home, everything attached is included. That means, you won't be able to take your Sonos investment with you. I don't want to waste that. It also is less value to the buyer since they won't be able to really use the speakers with whatever system they have.

I understand about the aesthetics of the CONNECT:AMP though. I have mine sitting in a closet. The closet doesn't have any power outlets, but I brought it in through the wall from a nearby room. It came out pretty clean looking I think. In your case, you could get an electrician to install an outlet in your closet. Depending on the location of the closet you use, you could also use it for other things as well, such as routers, smart hubs and such.
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I think ceiling speakers would be a good idea for Sonos to look into with the far-field microphone built in to use with Alexa

But i think the cost of this would be to high for the amount of people that would buy them......and x that by 4 ceiling speakers which i have in my kitchen would bring tears to my eyes.