Light on sonos bridge out

  • 30 November 2018
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My sonos bridge white light is no longer on, therefore cannot connect to it with my phone. Rebooted router, no change, unplugged & plugged bridge back in, no change. Tried a factory reset by holding down button while plugging in and white light will blink for about 30 secs, then stay on for maybe 5 secs then goes out.
If I push button after white light goes out a orange light will blink for 5 secs then nothing again.
Assuming the bridge is toast, & see it is no longer available. So what do I replace it with to run a playbar, 2 play 3's & a sub.


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6 replies

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Hi gmcmax05

Sorry your bridge is no more. You can purchase the Sonos Boost module for $99_USD which replaced the Bridge. You could also use a Sonos speaker or a Connect, Connect: Amp or Sonos Amp to create the boost mode (SonosNet). You might also submit a diagnostic to Sonos and list the reference ID in this forum. After Sonos to get real time help (you can also get a response via Twitter). Good Luck!;)

Link to Boost Module

Sorry for the probably stupid question I'm going to ask, but will any of the items you listed do what my bridge did? i.e. let me access my music on my iphone & play it like I used to be able to. Right now without the bridge I cannot access anything, it just says I have to connect at least one speaker but can't do that either.
Thanks for the quick reply.
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Yes, absolutely!

Unplugged everything for 1/2 hour( time probably had no bearing on result). Plugged bridge back in, was able to open app on phone asking me to add at least one speaker. Plugged in soundbar, followed directions on phone until it said speaker was added. I never did get flashing green light (because speaker was not a new addition) it was solid white but it connected anyway.

Did the rest of the speakers one by one & they all connected. When done update from sonos wanted to install so it did it's thing.(Yesterday it did the update twice & said it was successful but I could still not open my app because it wanted a speaker added) When update was happening had orange blinking light on all speakers except for one play 3, it stayed solid white.

When update was done, my app opened up and was able to access everything as I could before all this happened, the solid white light on bridge was still out, but all speakers are working. Went into settings>bridge settings>status light, it was turned off, turned on & solid white light is now on. I know I didn't turn it off, never accessed this setting before, ever!! So don't know if a previous update shut it off or what, where bridge is located I don't notice it, all I know is it used to be on.

I like the sound from the Sonos setup, but find it extremely finicky compared to other wifi operated systems I have. This is not the first time I've had issues with "Unable to find wifi" with this but never had this issue where I had to totally unplug everything & start over in the 4-5 years I've had it.

Sorry for the long post, but hopefully this will help other technically challenged individuals like myself save some time & $$ by getting ready to & buy a new component that wasn't needed.
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Afterwards, I thought that might be the reason. However, since it was a bridge it was possible it could have gone south.
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Always best to hold off on doing any Factory Resets as they cause more frustrations than they solve.

What I want to warn you about is your Bridge, the power supply has a reputation of becoming a problem as it ages. It can cause problems similar to what you describe and even fade in and out which makes troubleshooting more frustrating. A replacement supply is fairly inexpensive, you can also swap it for a Boost that has a more modern radio or just wire a speaker or two as a cheaper option. Maybe not a problem now but keep the Bridge issue in mind if you have future issues and unplug it to test other options.