how to connect original bridge to play5 Gen1

  • 15 December 2019
  • 2 replies

Does anyone know how to connect the original bridge to a gen1 device?  Sonos “support does not seem to have this info anywhere (but there is lots of information about buying new stuff)  

Sonos was cutting edge and awesome when it came out.  Then came the “upgrades”

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2 replies

You plug the BRIDGE into your router with an Ethernet cable, and set it up using the App. You then plug in the PLAY:5 and add it using the App. 

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Just beware of flaky Bridges, a fair number suffer from failing power supplies that can cause odd issues. Also keep in mind the Bridge is limited to SonosNet v1 and will not perform as well as a Boost or other wired Sonos device that supports SonosNet v2.