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Any plans for Headphones from Sonos. that would be awesome. First of all I like to listen in Headphones as well because sometimes my family doesn't want to listen to Music when I want to. Seconsly I have a Playbar, a sub and 2 Play1 connected to my TV but sometimes when my family are asleep I want to listen to TV in Headphones so I don't disturb them, and this is very bothersome now. Come on Sonos. It's time for some serious Product development.

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Very unlikely, and IMO unnecessary. Just get a set of bluetooth headphones with transmitter to listen to the TV. There is no need for Sonos gear to be involved. It's not like you would be actually listening to the Playbar.
This makes SO much sense! I'm no techie, but how hard could it be to put a Sonos receiving system inside a pair of good quality headphones?? To be able to move about the house with Sonos playing in my ears without disturbing other family members would be a real joy. I'm sure many families would buy more than one! A perfect (and profitable) add-on to the Sonos product line!!
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Be easier to get a new family. :cool:

Honestly I would be surprised to see headphones from Sonos. It's not as technically similar as you'd think at first blush.
And if you have a Connect, there is range of phones from Sennheiser as one example, that will do the job just as well.
I have a Sony KDL 40S2400 TV. Prior to the Sonos - I could plug my Sennheiser HDR110 wireless headphones into the TV and the sound would only come through the headphones. I thought that with the Sonos - if I turned the TV speakers back on that the headphones would still work. But they don't. Not sure why yet. Any ideas?

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