Feature Request: IR Blaster and Device Control for Connect

  • 1 February 2019
  • 3 replies

I like the idea of the Connect, so I can add Sonos functionality to my existing Surround Sound system... But it seems rather expensive for what you actually get from it.

Why doesn't the connect feature an IR blaster? This would allow users to use the Sonos App to turn on their receiver and switch to the correct input when they want to listen to music in that room.

Without it, using the Sonos Connect seems primitive compared to what Sonos is trying to offer. It forces you to have to turn on your receiver, switch to the correct input (if needed), set an appropriate volume level (if needed), and then finally go into the Sonos App to get music or other content going.

While this is not a huge deal, it can make starting music on a Connect much more difficult for people who are not as technically inclined. For $350, there is no reason it shouldn't also be able to turn on my Denon Receiver and switch it to the correct input, while also allowing better volume controls by letting me adjust the receiver volume as well.

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3 replies

That's what "Works with Sonos" does:

Thank you. That is good to know for whenever I decide to upgrade my system. However, the Connect is supposed to be a tool to add Sonos to an existing receiver. I just think it seems like a huge oversight to not have IR control for the equipment its sending a signal to. Especially for $350.
Sonos is probably not going to retool the Connect to add an IR blaster, especially since they would then have to maintain a database of IR codes to support every receiver out there. The Connect simply doesn't sell enough numbers to necessitate that type of support. Better to let the receiver manufacturers code to a one-off API.