Does Sonos Amp have a DAC built in

  • 4 January 2021
  • 1 reply

New member here.  Playing music from my MAC and connecting to my Sonos Amp from 3.5mm out of MAC to double RCA connections on the Amp.  Does the Sonos Amp have a DAC inside of it that overrides the subpar MAC DAC or is the DAC from the MAC converting digital to analog and that is what’s going into the Sonos Amp? 


Same question about the PORT?  Does the PORT have a DAC internal to it?


1 reply

Of course. Any Sonos device with an analog output must contain a DAC. 

In terms of your usage, the 3.5mm Mac analog output is also being put through an ADC on input to the Sonos Amp. So, yes, it’s going through the “subpar” Mac DAC first. Mac DAC → analog → ADC → digital (within Sonos system)→ DAC → analog

Why are you using the 3.5mm feed from the Mac? You could use Airplay to the Amp if you wished, with the audio going direct as lossless digital. That way there’d only be one DAC in the chain.