Correct Line-In Level for Turntable Pre-Amp?

  • 18 July 2018
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Hello, I just connected my Pro-Ject Debut Carbon turntable and my Pro-Ject Phono Box MM pre-amp to my Sonos Connect (ZP90) and am wondering which line-in level I should use. I read the support article that lists voltages:

2.2V - Level 1
2.0V - Level 2
1.8V - Level 3
1.6V - Level 4
1.4V - Level 5
1.2V - Level 6
1.1V - Level 7
1.0V - Level 8
0.8V - Level 9
0.6V - Level 10

But the problem is that the documented voltage output for my pre-amp doesn't look like the same format as the Sonos documentation. My pre-amps documentation says: "Output voltage typically: 500mV/1kHz at 5mV/1kHz".

Can somebody translate that to the listed Sonos voltages for recommended line-in according to their referenced principle of gain staging?


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I think that means the output of the phono amp is going to be 500 mV for a typical MM cartridge output of 50 mV.

If that is correct then you'll probably want level 10. Just in case, what I would do is set it to level 1 and play something, if the volume level is far too low jump up a couple levels. If you hear any distortion before you get to level 10 drop down a level and leave it set there.