Connect no longer bit-perfect?

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Yiannis74 wrote:

I I used Connects for many years and I became unhappy with the sound (digital out) a few years ago without being able to figure out why. This does not prove anything of course so I have decided to purchase an old ZP90 (reported as remaining bit-perfect) and once I get my hands on it I will try a blind test against my recent Connect to see what I find :-). It will be a few weeks before I do this but I will report back.

I am new here but have a number of Sonos components and looking to add a connect to my main HiFi setup. I am slightly bummed that Sonos does not see the connect as a hifi device. It doesn't need to have awesome components as long as it pushes a perfect stream to my DAC. Was this a hardware change, firmware change, or software change? ZP90 is not affected?
Back in 2011, I got a zp90, wired it to the DAC of a Marantz SACD player wired to a Quad 99/909 driving a pair of Harbeth speakers. In time, I realised that the analog output of the zp90 works just as well, the first step on the road of simplifying my kit to the point that now a 1 pair + Sub sounds just as good to my ears, in my home.

YMMV, but I suggest that getting a Connect still makes sense as long as you are sure that there is life in and intent to use the downstream HIFi kit long enough to obtain value from the Connect.
To clarify, I have a house in a somewhat rural area that has Sonos in every room. I also have a condo in the city that has a high end reciver along with a very solid 2.1 system. I was looking at the connect as a way to bring streaming into that system. After doing a lot a research I have a feeling that the connect will have hardware limitations in the future.
In what way? It will continue to be as good a source to your 2.1 system in future too, so if you do not expect to move to later technologies for music in its space, the Connect will serve.

But since you just want to bring streaming to one system, why not use Chromecast Audio that costs just USD 35 to do so? It also gives you the psychological satisfaction of using bit perfect/Hi Res digital output into a "more superior" DAC, if your HIFi set up has one that takes digital inputs. If not, in truth, the analog output of that device is just as good - in absolute terms, not just "for a USD 35" device.The only disadvantage to it is that you will not get the on body control buttons that Connect has.


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