Amp recommendation to be paired with a Connect

  • 24 November 2017
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Looking to install 2 pairs of in ceiling speakers and 2 pairs of external speakers.
There is no requirement for these to ever play separate music but would like the ability to pick any pair or combination of pairs up to all 4 pairs to be played in sync.

Don't see the point in installing 4 C:A or even 2 C:A.

I'm thinking of pairing a Connect with a 3rd party Amp able to drive all these speakers.

Looking for recommendations on a suitable Amp for this purpose.

Other connection ideas also welcomed


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4 replies

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How about a receiver with two built-in amplified output zones that will allow you to play from the Connect input to speakers wired to one or both of those zones? That would allow you to choose your pairs. Plus you would get some of the other benefits of receivers (more inputs, radio etc.) EDIT: Whoops, just realized you are talking about four pairs in total, not two. Not sure if there is such a thing as a four zone receiver.

I have 2 ceiling speakers and 2 outdoors speakers. Same kind of challenges here :)
based on Toolio suggestion I was wondering if I could make it work with a 4 zone receiver from Sherwood
If that make sense I would add a connect or connect amp between my TV eventually add a Playbar. Take advantages of living room ceiling speakers for surround since they are above my sofa, while avoiding spreading the TV sound on the patios :)
Then in music mode I would be able to play in my leaving room and or on my patio.

Still need to think about the best option to provide both music and surround in an elegant setup 🙂
IMO, the most elegant way is to use a play bar/base with Sub for both TV + Music in the living room, and a Connect Amp wired external speakers for out of doors. Or, in a semi covered deck with a mains power point, carry a play 1 unit there whenever music is to be heard there. Occasionally leaving it there not directly exposed to the elements won't damage it either.

Add surround speakers to TV and goodbye elegance usually, for doubtful benefit for that loss.
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I actually came across that same amp myself. Was not able to find it in the uk.
Currently looking at the Yamaha amp (RN402D) able to support two output zones A+B.

In my case i'd be looking at at least two C:As. Given that i will never require the zones to play separate music, i find it hard to justify the cost.

I've even considered ditching the connect and simply connecting my P5 gen 1 directly to the amp using the head phones port, while not elegant, it does serve my purpose, for now, not sure of the impact on the sound quality though and still trying to determine the rating of the speakers needed for maximum flexibility like upgrading to C:As in the future