Adding Sonos Connect to Niles receiver

  • 31 March 2020
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I have recently moved into a new apartment.  The seller left behind what must have been a quite costly audio system installed ca. 2010.  The heart of it is a Niles GXR2 receiver.  It is connected to speakers installed in the walls or ceilings of multiple rooms.  There is a handheld Niles controller on a charging base that enables you to select the rooms that will play and control volume. 


The system as set up has just three inputs labeled on the controller:  ipod, xm, and fm.  There’s no ipod there, nor do I have (or want) an xm subscription.  The fm does play, but the reception is very poor.   I brought from my last residence a Sonos Connect unit that can stream music and radio broadcasts from the internet.  I have gone through the setup procedure and the Connect unit appears to be receiving our home wifi.  I now would like to connect it to the Niles receiver.  The Sonos Connect unit has left and right analog outputs.   It will be the only music source. 


Thoughts invited on how to  connect the Sonos Connect unit. 

7 replies

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I would plug the Connect into the IPOD labeled input.   Essential IPOD would be Sonos - hopefully you can get that reprogrammed to say Sonos instead.

Sounds like a nice system.

I assume the IPOD input has a digital or analog input - not some computer cable.    If it doesn’t your probably going to have to get the Niles dealer to install a card for input from the Sonos (not a big deal but you would need help from them).

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shoot - looking online the IPOD card may have a proprietary IPOD connector.

Your going to have to get an regular input card from NIles.

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looks like the GXR2 normally comes with two IM cards (which is what you want)

Look around if card like this - looks like run about $25 if you have to get one

part number PC00771A0

The back should have 6 input component slots - do you only have 3 used?

I put this project on hold for a long time due to the pandemic.  If I get the IM card, how do I install it?  Does it just snap in or is there more to it?

I have a similar setup, but trying to add a Sonos Port.  I have the IM card mentioned above by Chris, but plugging in the Port does nothing.  What are the next steps to using the Port to listen to music through the Niles system?  Thanks.

I recently bought a new port and have the Niles GXR2. So here’s the solution… 

If you have the IM-IPOD card (this card has the 30pin Ipod connector on it… unplug the existing ipod cable that likely goes to the 30 pin ipod dock. 

Then go to Amazon or eBay and purchase the Apple 30 pin Composite cable. This cable will have the Apple Ipod 30 pin connector on one end and the following connectors on the other end - Left and Right (Red and White) for sound, Yellow for Video and a USB connector. 


Plug the 30 pin end into the IM-IPOD card that is installed in the GXR2. Plug the Red and White into the Sonos Port OUT Red and White. 


Play away…I bought this cable for $20 or so… no software upgrades… just easy like Sunday morning. 


Your welcome. 


Thank you.  I will give that a try.