6 speakers, 2 connect amps

  • 19 August 2017
  • 4 replies

Whats up. I have six in ceiling speakers and two connect amps. My question is, how do I wire three speakers into one connect amp?

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4 replies

Thanks a lot. Looking it up now.
Your speakers should have some information on them that tell you how many ohms in impedance they cause when connected. It's most often 6 or 8 Ohms, which looks like a curvy upside down U. Here it is: Ω

The Connect can only deal with a certain amount of variance before it either overheats, or can't power the speakers (or both). In order to help you figure out whether you can drive all 6 ceiling speakers with X number of Connect:Amps, we need to know what kind of impedance they have. If you know the make and model, you can usually look up the information on the internet.

Unfortunately, just saying 6 ceiling speakers doesn't give anyone enough information to help you. And frankly, it's been 40 years since my last electrical engineering class, and I've forgotten most of it. Fortunately, if you can provide the information, there are a lot of very smart people who frequent these boards, and they can likely help you, if you give them the data.
Airgetlam, im not sure what that means.
For those who might be able to help you, it might be useful for them to know the impedance of each speaker (or set).