volume inconsistencies and dropping sonos speaker

  • 12 June 2024
  • 1 reply

When using the app on either android or IOS, I am unable to adjust volume consistently,if it’s lowered, the system puts it back to original setting. Or it will drop a sonos speaker once it was originally connected. Why is this happening? 

I am very disappointed with the new app. The basic functionality is not consistent. 

1 reply

You may be experiencing some network instability, causing the commands generated by your controller to not reach the Sonos in a timely manner. I’d recommend unplugging all your Sonos, and while they’re unplugged, reboot your router. Give the router a couple to come back up, then plug back in your Sonos. Give them a couple of minutes to reboot, then test. 

If this works, I’d recommend looking in to how to set up reserved IP addresses in your router’s manual.